• College of Education

    Dr. Jan Miller, Dean

    Vacant, Associate Dean

    Department of Curriculum and Instruction

    Dr. Jodie Winship, Chair
    BA, BS - Elementary Education
    BA, BS - Special Education
    BA, BS - Secondary Education
    MED - Special Education, Secondary Education
    MED - Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education
    MAT - Certification
    MAT - Non-certification
    Ed.S. Elementary Education (K-6)
    Ed.S. - Early Childhood Education (P - 3)
    Ed.S. - Collaborative Special Education (K-6)
    Ed.S. - Collaborative Special Education (6 - 12)

    Department of Instructional Leadership and Support 

     Dr. Reenay Rogers, Chair
    MSCE - College Student Development 
    MSCE - Counseling/Psychology
    MSCE - Guidance & Counseling
    MSCE - Library Media
    M.Ed. - Library Media
    M.Ed. - School Counseling
    M.Ed. - Instructional Leadership
    Ed.S. - Library Media
    Ed.S. - School Counseling
    Ed.S. - Instructional Leadership
    Ed.S. - Teacher Leader 


    Department of Physical Education and Athletic Training  

    Dr. RT Floyd, Chair
    BA, BS - Physical Education, Athletic Training
    MED, MAT - Physical Education

    UWA Campus School

    Ms. Kim Smith, Director