• Room Changes  

    Room assignments are made for the academic year and may not be changed without approval from the Assistant Director of Housing (Gilbert residents) or the Associate Director of Housing (all other residents). Residents wanting to change rooms must follow the room change process as outlined below.

    1st Two Weeks Each Semester 

    During the first two weeks of each semester, the only room changes that will be approved will be a mutual room swap. This is where two (or more) individuals switch room assignments and each move into the other’s space (no empty spaces are required). This requires the mutual approval of all four (or more) residents involved in the swap, and must be approved prior to the move by the Assistant Director of Housing in writing. To request a room swap, each person moving rooms must complete a Room Change Request Form, which can be picked up in the Housing Office in Brock Hall, room 121.

    3rd Week of Each Semester  

    Open room change occurs the third week of the Fall and Spring semesters. During open room change, anyone may request a room change for any reason without having to go through mediation. These requests must be received by the Friday prior to open room change week. You can pick up a Room Change Request Form in the Housing Office in Brock Hall, room 121.

    Due: August 25th

    Move may occur (if available): August 28th – September 1st

    Due; January 19th  

    Move may occur (if available): January 22nd – 26th

    After the 3rd Week of Each Semester 

    Any open room changes after the third week of the semester are permissible only if the resident will be filling a vacant space in the room of the preferred roommate. Any other residents seeking a room change after the third week of each semester are required to seek resolution of roommate issues through the roommate mediation process described previously in the “Mediation” section, including completing the online Mediation Request Form and participating in the mediation process. As the mediation process does take time, there is a 2 week waiting period after the student participates in mediation. If the mediation process was not successful, the student may complete a Room Change Request Form, which can be picked up in the Housing office. These room changes will be processed within 7 business days if space is available. 

    End of Fall Semester 

    Each year, we have a number of spaces that become available after the Fall semester due to graduation, transfer, and other reasons. If you would like a room change for the Spring 2018 semester, you must request a room change by November 15th. If the space is available prior to the end of the semester, your request may be processed and approved for you to move sometime November 28th – December 1st. However, most spaces are not available until January 2018, which will require you to completely check out of your current space (removing all belongings, cleaning the room, and checking out with head staff) at the end of the Fall semester and check into your new space in January. 

    Summer Semester 

    Room changes during the summer semester will occur during the 2nd week of the semester, but must be requested by the Thursday of the first week of the term. 

    Private Rooms 

    Due to the limited number of residence hall spaces on campus, private rooms are rarely available, but the Housing Office maintains a private room waiting list. Private rooms cost an additional 50% rent in all residence halls except Hoover II and Selden Hall. The standard cost at Hoover II is the private room rate since all bedrooms are single rooms. Private rooms at Selden cost an additional $300. Once a private room assignment has been made, it will only be changed during the current school year (fall and spring) IF you complete a room change to another room OR you request a new roommate AND the new roommate completes a room change to your room. If you are assigned to a two-person room but do not have a roommate by Thursday of the second week of Spring semester classes, you may request to change your assignment to a private room by completing the room change form. A “two person room as a single” assignment will only be approved IF there are several empty rooms in your residence hall AND there is not a waiting list of eligible students that want to move to your residence hall. Single rooms are generally not available during the fall semester. If you have a roommate but want a private room, you may request to have your name added to the “Private Room Waiting List” by completing the room change form as outlined under “Room Changes” above.