Throughout the school year, employers are scheduled to conduct interviews. Most of the interview opportunities are for senior students seeking full time employment; however, other interview opportunities may occur. Employers seeking to fill jobs during school breaks (primarily Christmas and summer) periodically interview on campus or part-time employers may wish to interview students on campus.

    Students wishing to learn more about interviewing on campus should contact The Career Services Office to set up a resume/placement file. A counselor in the center will also provide you with interview preparation materials including preparing for Behavioral Interviewing and recommend that you watch a video tape and schedule a mock interview. Company information will be available in the center prior to campus interviews.

    We offer Big Interview to help students develop interview skills.  This program works with your webcam  and a virtual interviewer asks commonly asked questions to which you provide an answer. Simply record your answers and play them back for review.  It is a great way to prepare for interviewing.  Click here for Big Interview: http://uwa.biginterview.com.    

    To sign up for an interview, contact Mrs. White in Career Services, Foust Hall, Room 7 or at 652-3651 or e-mail at thw@uwa.edu