• From sportfishing to science, UWA graduate students conduct research at 69th annual Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo

    Posted: July 06, 2016

    Author: Public Relations

    .- The University of West Alabama's College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics' graduate student Tyler Newburn conducted research at the 69th annual Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo in Gulfport Harbor, Miss., on July 1-4.  


    UWA researchers tested red drum  in collaboration with Gulf Coast Research Lab for potential bacteria that could harm humans-all fish checked were categorized as healthy. The research sampling will be shared with other institutions like the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources.


    Newburn's work served as part of his master's thesis in biology. UWA graduate student Joshua Millwood, two undergraduate students, and a UWA alumni member assisted Newburn in his research. According to Dr. Michael Sandal, assistant professor in UWA's College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, explained that Newburn's work will contribute to an upcoming grant proposal for the Laboratory of Aquatic Evolution (LAQE).


    "The Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo provides us with the opportunity to sample many different fish at one time," Sandal said. "To go out to collect as many samples as we were able to this past weekend would probably take us three to four weeks in the field."


    Sandal explained that the research performed during the rodeo is the most fun sampling: "My students get spoiled when they get to go do this type of work with me. Most of the time, it's really hot around the field, but this is the vacation sampling for sure."


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