• UWA offering transfer credit and degree completion option for ITT Tech students

    Posted: September 09, 2016

    Author: Public Relations

    The University of West Alabama has opened its doors to students affected by the closing of ITT Technical Institute. UWA’s College of Business and Technology will accept credit hours earned at ITT Tech to be applied to the bachelor of science in technology degree. Classes can be taken on-campus or online, with the next online term beginning Oct. 17.

    UWA’s bachelor of science in technology is designed to serve students who have documented training and/or verifiable skills in several fields, including a vocational or technical area, full-time military experience, or an area of business or industrial training.

    The program offers a unique fit for students who were previously enrolled at ITT Tech prior to the announcement of its closing earlier this week. UWA administrators and faculty are working to ensure that students who are interested in completing their degrees in technology have options that can be catered to their needs.

    “We will work diligently to provide an outlet for the students affected by ITT Technical Institute’s closing to continue on their degree path, as seamlessly as possible, so that they can continue with their plans for the future,” said UWA President Ken Tucker. “We are extending our hand to the students, and we are committed to working cooperatively with them to help them earn the degrees that they have already set their sights on in a timely and accommodating manner.”

    College of Business and Technology Dean Wayne Bedford said that faculty are standing by waiting to help students make the transition to a program that will help them save time and develop plans for moving forward.

    “Our faculty have the resources and partnerships in place to allow incoming students to transition from their existing coursework to a program at UWA,” Bedford explained. “By offering classes on-campus and online, we can accommodate the needs of the students who are interested in continuing their degree pursuits.”

    Through UWA Online, students interested in the program can resume their studies as early as Oct. 17, with the beginning of the next online term.

    A specific program of study is contracted on the basis of a student’s career goals and previous training. The requirements for the bachelor of science in technology program, a 120-hour curriculum, are standard in nature.

    Between 32 and 42 hours of technical credit in a singular discipline is required. Students who have earned the associate degree in Industrial Maintenance at UWA may use this program to fulfill the requirement.

    A minimum of 30 semester hours of upper level (300/400) courses must be completed at UWA.

    Basic curriculum is the general education requirement of no less than 50 hours for all bachelor’s degrees.

    Students can choose electives that will strengthen their program, and these approved electives are required for degree completion.

    The program includes an internship of three to six credit hours for work experience related to the student’s career goal. In many cases, previous work experience can count toward this requirement with appropriate documentation.

    Once a student has entered their program, their academic major cannot be changed unless the student meets all the admission requirements relevant to the other program.

    Students interested in the bachelor of science in technology at UWA can contact the chairperson of Computer Information Systems/Technology, Dr. Donnie Cobb, at dcobb@uwa.edu or 205-652-3704.

    To learn more about UWA or to apply, contact UWA Admissions at 888-636-8800 or admissions@uwa.edu.

    PHOTO: Student enrolled in the University of West Alabama’s bachelor of science in technology program get hands-on training with the equipment and technology that they will use on the job. UWA has extended a commitment to be accommodating to students affected by the ITT Tech closing in an effort to keep them on a forward path to their careers.
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