• UWA’s Dr. Mark Griffith publishes chapter in academic book

    Posted: September 14, 2016

    Author: Public Relations

    Dr. Mark Griffith, a professor of history and social sciences in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of West Alabama, recently published a book chapter titled, “Churchill and Honor,” in Honor in the Modern World.

    Griffith explains that his chapter explores the changes in Winston Churchill’s political thought on honor.

    “As a young man he distrusted honor thinking it was transitory being dependent on the current government and easily changeable, so not worth much. By the time he becomes Prime Minister he has changed his mind and honor becomes one thing that is a standard of behavior that is worth everything even death, if necessary,” Griffith said.

    Topics covered in Honor in the Modern World include the role of honor in the modern military, the effects of honor on our notions of the dignity and “purity” of women, honor as a quality of good statesmen and citizens, honor’s role in international relations and community norms, and how honor’s egalitarian and elitist aspects intersect with democratic and liberal regimes.

    “I am very happy about the release of Honor in the Modern World and my chapter on Winston Churchill and honor and I am in the process of turning that chapter into a book,” Griffith said.

    Dr. Richard Schellhammer, chair and professor of history and social sciences in the College of Liberal Arts at UWA, considers Griffith “a well-respected scholar of Winston Churchill.”

    “Dr. Griffith has written an essay of vital importance for both historians and political scientists. His essay, ‘Churchill and Honor,’ adds to historians’ understanding of the complex nature of Churchill while the focus on honor makes an important addition to the growing sense of the significance of the concepts of honor in the work of political scientists,” Schellhammer said.

    Dr. Mark Griffith can be reached at mgriffith@uwa.edu or call 205-652-3735.

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