• UWA family and community members honor 9/11 victims during Sunday’s Remembrance Ceremony 

    Posted: September 12, 2016

    Author: Public Relations

    The University of West Alabama held a special ceremony on Sept. 11 in remembrance of the tragic events that shook the nation on that date 15 years ago. The ceremony was held under the flags at the front lawn of the Student Union Building and nearly 70 people attended the commemoration. 

    UWA President Ken Tucker was “pleased by the number of participants and their attentiveness and reverence throughout the ceremony.”

    “The student activities staff, SGA representatives, and Alpha Kappa Alpha did a tremendous job organizing the event. I would also like to thank all those who came to mourn the tragic and unnecessary loss of innocent lives and also to honor the courage and bravery of those who sacrificed their lives to help others,” Tucker said.
    Dr. Kitsy M. Dixon, director of the UWA Wesley Foundation, shared her personal story from the events that occurred on Sept. 11.

    “I remember looking out into the crowd during Dr. Dixon’s testimony and seeing tears among several of my peers, faculty, and staff. It is most certainly a night that I will never forget,” UWA SGA President Hunter Winbourne said.

    Dixon, who joined the UWA community this summer, was a student at University of Buffalo in Buffalo, NY, when the attacks occurred. As a student resident assistant, Dixon was a friend and counselor to the many students and colleagues whose families had been directly affected on that day.

    “As I spoke, I carried the 3,000 names in my heart. I carried those I knew who had lost loved ones, and I carried the surviving family members and loved ones who are still grieving on this day. Carrying them in my heart and sharing my small story is the only way I know to demonstrate my love to those so far away from me, in distance, on Sept. 11,” Dixon said.
    University President Dr. Ken Tucker provided a vivid timeline of what the day entailed on Sept. 11 and forever changed America.

    “My emotions during the 9/11 service resonated the most when President Tucker spoke about the tragic day 15 years ago. Every word spoken placed me back in the moments that changed our country, and I needed to, personally, remember those moments,” Dixon said.
    UWA Director of Student Activities Jason Gardner explained that “Kitsy revealed a compelling, heart-wrenching story that helped those in attendance realize even more what a horrific day Sept. 11 was in our history.”
    "Sunday night's memorial was important to me because this is the first year, since 9/11, that I've been away from New York/New Jersey and not able to honor the victims and their families. I truly thank UWA for reminding us to not forget the tragic events that occurred fifteen years ago, but for also creating a space of healing, remembrance, and peace," Dixon said.

    Photo: From left, President Kent Tucker, Dr. Kitsy Dixon, and SGA President Hunter Winborne Dr. Ketia Shumaker honor the victims of Sept. 11 at UWA's remembrance Ceremony. 

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