• UWA hosted IMC3 competitive conference for high school students

    Posted: April 18, 2016

    Author: Public Relations

    Students majoring in integrated marketing communications at the University of West Alabama hosted the first IMC3 competitive conference on March 13. IMC3 is a competitive conference for high school students in Alabama and Mississippi. Students who attended competed on-site in one of the following competitions: Graphic Design, News Anchoring, News Writing. Photography, Public Relations, and Video Editing.

    Winners include:

    Graphic Design
    1st: Carlie Cochran – Tuscaloosa Academy
    2nd: Hannah Garner – Demopolis High School
    3rd: Ana Hargrove – Tuscaloosa Academy

    News Anchoring:
    1st: Anna McDaniel, Russell Christian Academy
    2nd: Brant Lyons, Tuscaloosa Academy
    3rd: Kiara Allen, Hoover High School
    4th: Noah Johnson, Tuscaloosa Academy
    5th: D’Angelo Simpson, Jefferson Davis High School
    News Writing:
    1st: Lorianna Holder – Tuscaloosa Academy
    2nd: Morgan Buompastore – Hoover High School
    3rd: Laken Laird – Russell Christian Academy
    4th: Kelsey Biggs – Tuscaloosa Academy
    5th: Belle Fulmer – Tuscaloosa Academy
    1st: Jakayla Bell – Demopolis High School
    2nd: Makaela Etheridge – Demopolis High School
    3rd: Shannon Kim – Tuscaloosa Academy
    4th: Ochake Mock – Jefferson Davis High School
    5th: Gabrielle Coleman – Russell Christian Academy
    Public Relations
    1st: Avalon Pernell – Tuscaloosa Academy
    2nd: Christian Thomas – Tuscaloosa County High School
    3rd: Perla Arce – Tuscaloosa County High School
    3rd: Diamond Bostic – Tuscaloosa County High School

    Video Editing:
    1st: Nick Macon, Tuscaloosa County High School
    2nd: David Spencer, Tuscaloosa County High School
    3rd: Trenton Davis, Hoover High School
    4th, Miguel Pascual, Tuscaloosa County High School
    5th: Sydney Lindsay, Demopolis High School

    Additionally, students and faculty attended breakout sessions to hear from expert speakers in broadcasting, multi-media, radio, journalism, public relations, advertising, and graphic design. The conference concluded with a keynote speaker and awards presentation.

    With over 20 years of radio experience from across the country, Rod Henson served as the keynote speaker for the IMC3 competitive conference. He spoke to the group about the importance of communications skills in any job and the big challenges of working at a small radio station.

    “The IMC Capstone students who put together the IMC3 Competitive Conference exceeded all of their goals. They secured sponsorships to cover the costs of the event, recruited 103 registered participants from nine schools in Alabama and Mississippi, and successfully managed a seven-hour conference, consisting of six competitions and eight expert speakers on a host of multi-media topics,” Dr. Amy Jones, associate professor of digital communications and director of integrated marketing communications, said.

    “I am very proud of their accomplishments and the accomplishments of the attending high school students. The competition entries were first-rate and represent of the quality of media education provided in high schools throughout the region,” Jones said.

    Students enrolled in the Capstone class are graduating seniors who complete Methods of Integrated Marketing Communications. This semester’s class consisted of the following students: James Banks, Cody Easterling, Cameron Eggers, Emily Edwards, Magdalena Galvan, Mark Grant, John McClung, and Randa Simpson.

    “IMC3 has meant a lot to me. As our time here at UWA is coming to a close, our Capstone project allowed us to combine all aspects of the IMC major into one package. I can’t think of any other way I would have wanted to spend my Capstone course than starting what I hope to be an annual event,” Randa Simpson said.

    Another Capstone student echoes Simpson’s enthusiasm for the event and the admiration for her professor.

    “Whenever you spend four years with the same people in the same classes, you become family, especially in a hands-on major like integrated marketing communications,” Emily Edwards said.

    “After having us all under her wing for four years, Dr. Amy Jones is not only our advisor and professor, but serves as a mother-like figure. We often call her mom or our mama duck. The event recruited high school students that may have never considered UWA as their choice for college, and now a few have already decided to make UWA home. It is an amazing feeling to use our multi-media skills to host an event that benefits not only the high schools that attended, but also the University,” Edwards said.

    For more information on UWA’s integrated marketing and communications major, email Sara Walker swalker@uwa.edu or call 205-652-3460.


    Picture 1: Students who placed in the Graphic Design category from left, third place Anna Hargrove; second place Hannah Garner; and first place Carlie Cochran.
    Picture 2: Students who placed in the News Anchoring category from left, Noah Johnson, fourth place; D’Angelo Simpson, fifth place; Kiara Allen, third place; Brant Lyons, second place; and Anna McDaniel, first place.
    Picture 3: Students who placed in the News Writing category from left, Kelsey Biggs, fourth place; Belle Fulmer, fifth place; Laken Laird, third place; Morgan Buompastore, second place; and Lorianna Holder, first place.
    Picture 4: Students who placed in the Photography category from left, fifth place Gabrielle Coleman; fourth place Ochake Mock; third place Shannon Kim; second place Makaela Etheridge; and first place Jakayla Bell.
    Picture 5: Students who placed in the Public Relations category from left, Diamond Bostic and Perla Arce tied for third place; Christian Thomas, second place; and Avalon Pernell, first place.
    Picture 6: Students who placed in the Video Editing category from left, fifth place Sydney Lindsay; fourth place Miguel Pascual; third place Trenton Davis; second place David Spencer; and first place Nick Macon. 

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