• UWA gets top safety ranking

    Posted: April 07, 2017

    Author: Public Relations

    The University of West Alabama has just been named the safest college campus in the state by yourlocalsecurity.com. The ranking is based on reported statistics from campuses across the United States.

    The report is the result of tallying crimes reported by universities and dividing them into three sections, including violent crime, property crime, and violence against women.

    According to the report, the ranking was developed by weighing the crimes by severity and dividing the school’s crime score by enrollment to calculate total per-capita crime. All schools included in the listing are either private or non-profit four-ear colleges with enrollment greater than 1,000.

    The report cites UWA’s low instances of crimes in the three categories as the primary factor for its top ranking. In addition, UWA Police Department is credited for its strict visitor policy, where infrequent visitors are issued a temporary permit and frequent visitors apply for a hang tag that classifies their vehicle based on reason for visiting campus. For these, UWA PD expects vehicle criteria plus proof of insurance.

    UWA offers a police tip hotline for those who would like to make an anonymous tip on any crime or safety issues on campus by calling 205-652-3819.

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