• New Sumter County Health Services Directory published

    Posted: August 14, 2017

    Author: Public Relations

    A new Sumter County Health Services Directory has just been published under the direction of Dr. R.T. Floyd, a Livingston resident and longtime provider of athletic training services in the Black Belt region for more than 30 years. The publication includes a comprehensive listing of contact information and resources for a wide array of health services.

    Lisa Adkins, a senior athletic training student at UWA, initiated and implemented the revisions and updates in this second edition guide. Floyd is director of athletic training and sports medicine at the University of West Alabama.

    This updated edition reflects significant changes in Sumter County's health services landscape over the last several years, with many new resources added.

    "Lisa did a very good job of checking everything to ensure that all of the addresses, links, and phone numbers were updated," Floyd explained. "A project of this size requires a significant amount of time and is very tedious. I am very grateful for Lisa's attention to detail and her commitment to see the project through to completion."   

    Sumter County residents can rely on the directory for emergency numbers, health services, social services, national help line resources for very specific needs and conditions.

    The manual is available for viewing or download at http://healthdirectory.uwa.edu/ and a limited number of print editions are available courtesy of the Sumter County Commission and UWA. The online version of the manual is a living document, and Floyd intends to maintain the records therein.

    "We have made every effort to include all the services relevant to the Sumter County Health Services Directory," he said. "If a particular listing has not been included, was omitted by mistake, or is incorrect, we need people to keep us informed of those necessary changes."

    "After this update is out for a month or two and people have a chance to review and provide feedback, we intend to update again and perhaps distribute a further revision around the county," Floyd said.

    First published in 2009, the Sumter County Health Services Directory was compiled through a grant from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy through the National Association of Counties Project. A focus of this work was to enhance the general public's awareness of all of the local resources available related to health care. The original work was completed by two individuals from Oklahoma who worked with local authorities to research and assemble the content.

    Following the initial publication, Floyd joined forces with UWA's Information Technology department to finalize a version for web publication in the fall of 2010. Since that time, periodic updates have been made to the online version.

    To provide any corrections, additions, or other feedback, sending them via mail to Dr. R.T. Floyd, UWA Station 14, Livingston, AL 35470. or via email to rtf@uwa.edu.


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