• UWA adds Little Free Libraries on campus walkways

    Posted: September 26, 2017

    Author: Public Relations

    A recent collaboration at the University of West Alabama is making it easier for readers to exchange books as they stroll campus. UWA now has several new interesting book bins that were installed on campus in time for the fall semester. The units are built from upcycled materials from a campus landmark.

    The Little Free Libraries (LFLs) are free standing structures placed around the University campus near walkways to encourage and fuel interest in literature of all types. The LFLs were established for UWA’s campus through a collaboration of the College of Natural Science and Mathematics under the direction of the college’s dean, Dr. John McCall.

    Hazel Truelove, assistant professor of mathematics at UWA has helped coordinate the effort.

    “We would like the LFLs to be full of any form of literature our students, staff, and faculty would like to read,” Truelove said. “We would love for our students to take the lead and share what they have been reading.”

    The units were built by Lake LU Manager Robbie Limerick, desinged to resemble the Alamuchee Covered Bridge on campus. When the Covered Bridge was renovated in Spring 2017, Limerick collected old materials from the project and used them to create the Little Free Libraries.

    To launch the program, LFLs have been installed in three locations on campus. There’s an LFL between Bibb Graves Hall and Pruitt Hall, another near the Covered Bridge and a third by the Lake LU Pavilion.

    Students, faculty, and staff are all encouraged to participate in the program. After collecting a book from the library, you are asked to simply return a book or magazine in its place. This will allow participants to be offered an array of literature and a way to share what they have already enjoyed.

    For information on UWA’s Little Free Libraries, contact Hazel Truelove at htruelove@uwa.edu. 
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