Frequently Asked Questions

    What do I need to have with me to get a Tiger Card (UWA ID)?
    A photo ID such as a drivers license, passport, or some other official picture ID.

    Where is the Tiger Card Office located?
    First floor of Webb Hall, Room 125.

    What do I do if I lose my Tiger Card?
    Lost or stolen cards should be immediately deactivated. This can be done either online at http://tigercard.uwa.edu or by calling the Tiger Card Office during business hours at (205) 652-3565. There is a $10 replacement fee assessed for lost or stolen cards. If the card is found or recovered, the card holder can reactivate the card online or in person. Cards will not be reactivated over the phone. After a replacement card is issued, all previous cards are invalid and should be destroyed if recovered.

    Do ID cards expire?
    Your card is valid as long as you are affiliated with the University and does not need to be reprinted each year. If there is a change in status (ex. from undergraduate to graduate, name change, etc.) then a new card must be issued.

    What happens if my ID stops working?
    It is important to take good care of your ID card. The Tiger Card Office will replace, at no charge, any non-functioning ID card that exhibits normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear is defined as any damage that is caused by swiping the ID card through authorized equipment. The Tiger Card Office will charge a replacement fee of $10 for non-functioning ID cards that are determined to be caused by improper care and handling. Examples include bent cards, gouged cards, cards with vertical scratches or gouges on the magnetic stripe. Any ID card with a hole punch that interferes with the function of the ID card will also be charged a $10 replacement fee. 

    Can my friends use my ID?
    No. Your ID is yours to use only. If a person is caught using someone else’s ID, the ID may be confiscated. This is to safeguard any value that may be on the card. 

    Can I pick up my friend’s/child’s ID card?
    No. The cardholder must be the person who picks up the ID. 

    What can I use my ID for?
    The Tiger Card has many different functions. It is used as an identification for various functions and events, for meal plans, to take books out of the library, copy and print in computer labs and the library, and purchases with Tiger Bucks. 

    What are Tiger Bucks?

    A Tiger Bucks fee of $100 will be applied to all on-campus undergraduate students enrolled for seven or more credit hours per semester (excluding summer). Tiger Bucks that are not used by the end of the academic year will not be removed from your Tiger Card, but will remain in your account, ready for use at any time. 

    How can I add Tiger Bucks?

    Refer to the Deposit web page. 

    How do I check my balance?
    Go to the Manage Your Account page. 

    As a parent, can I get information about my son or daughter’s Tiger Bucks Account from the Tiger Card Office?
    Our office follows the FERPA policies established by the University regarding student privacy rights. In order to discuss your son/daughter's Tiger Bucks account, he/she will need to complete the online FERPA waiver found at http://eforms.uwa.edu.


    Can I take funds out of my account?
    Funds cannot be taken out of this account. Students who have graduated or withdrawn from the University may also request a refund of Tiger Bucks funds. All requests must be in writing, and there will be an administrative fee of $20 for processing the refund. Refunds will be placed in the main student account in the Business Office, and if all obligations to the University have been met, a refund check will be issued and mailed within ten business days.

    Can I have more than one ID card? No. For security reasons, we cannot allow you to have more than one card. Someone (possibly not associated with the college) could use your ID to use the services on campus unlawfully. 

    Why doesn't my card work?
    It could be because your card is bent, the magnetic strip is scratched or the magnetic stripe has been demagnetized. Bring it by the Tiger Card Office and we will diagnose the problem for you.