Where Can I Use My Tiger Card?

    Your Tiger Card can be used at these locations:

    On Campus

    Young Cafeteria (Dining Dollars & Tiger Bucks)
    Tiger Alley Deli (Dining Dollars & Tiger Bucks)
    Tiger Mugs (Dining Dollars & Tiger Bucks)
    Luie's at Gilbert Hall (Dining Dollars & Tiger Bucks)
    University Cinema (Tiger Bucks Only)
    UWA Bookstore (Tiger Bucks Only)
    Laundry [Hoover Apartments, Gilbert Hall, and Stickney Hall] - (Tiger Bucks Only)
    Campus Printing and Copying (Tiger Bucks Only)

    Off Campus

    Dandy Don's (Tiger Bucks Only)
    The Drug Store (Tiger Bucks Only)
    Hair R' Us (Tiger Bucks Only)  
    Hardee's (Tiger Bucks Only)
    Livingston Marketplace (Tiger Bucks Only)
    McDonalds (Tiger Bucks Only) 
    Tres Hermanos Mexican Restaurant (Tiger Bucks Only) 
    Stuckey's Express:  Chevron/Subway (Tiger Bucks Only)
    Sonic Drive in (Tiger Bucks Only)

    ... Future expansion to include ...

    Vending Machines
    On Campus Laundry
    Dorm Access