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  • What can I do with a nursing degree?

    Being a registered nurse is one of the most rewarding and challenging of all professional careers. As a registered nurse one can have the opportunity to promote health, serve humanity and experience the self-satisfaction of a rewarding career. Registered nurses provide physical and emotional care to patients, families, and the public. Many career options exist for registered nurses including ambulatory care nurses, critical care nurses, emergency or trauma nurses, home healthcare nurses, hospice or palliative care nurses, medical-surgical nurses, psychiatric-mental health nurses, etc. Associate degree prepared registered nurses can choose to seek employment in many areas of health care. Therefore, registered nurses have the opportunity to select the career that best suits their needs and qualifications.

    Graduates of associate in science in nursing programs may elect to enroll in bachelor’s or accelerated master’s degree programs to prepare for a broader scope of nursing practice including teaching, administrative positions, research, advanced practice, and consulting. The Division of Nursing has an articulation agreement with the University of Alabama’s Capstone College of Nursing that facilitates the transition of UWA graduates into the bachelor’s program at UA. After successful completion of the associate in science in nursing program and all required prerequisite courses, the interested graduate can apply to the RN to BSN program at the University of Alabama. The Capstone College of Nursing will determine if the graduate meets their admission requirements for the program.

    The career outlook for registered nursing has been excellent over the past few decades. A shortage of nurses in some parts of the country has led some hospitals and other employers in those areas to offer flexible work schedules, educational benefits, higher pay, and other incentives to retain existing staff and for recruiting. Therefore, choosing to seek an associate in science degree in nursing is a wonderful opportunity personally and professionally.