• What the SGA Does

    SGA ANNUAL REPORT 2016 - 2017

    SGA doesn't just hold Monday meetings!  SGA is responsible for the following:

    Voter Registration:  Each semester, the SGA holds a voter registration drive to ensure students are engaging in local, state, and national elections.

    Homecoming:  The SGA is responsible for coming up with a theme for each homecoming, purchasing t-shirts for homecoming, and sponsoring the homecoming parade.

    Can Drive:  Each fall semester, the SGA competes in a can drive against the University of North Alabama (UNA).  Whichever school collects the most cans in weight wins the competition.

    Higher Education Day Rally:  SGA takes UWA students to Montgomery, Alabama, to rally in front of the state senate to encourage the legislature to help promote higher education in the state of Alabama.

    College Colors Day:  SGA encourages students to wear their college colors on College Colors Day and the Executive Board goes to Montgomery, Alabama, with Luie the Tiger to represent UWA in front of the governor of Alabama.

    Student Government Association Constitution