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    Dr. Joy Cauthron

    Associate Professor of Psychology (Ph.D. The University of Arkansas). Research area: Cognitive Psychology. Classes taught: History and Systems, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Physiological Psychology, Comparative Psychology, and Psychology of Women. Contact: jlcauthron@uwa.edu  


    Davis Mark

    Dr. Mark Davis

    Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
    Associate Professor of Psychology (Ph.D. New Mexico State University). Research areas: Intergroup relations, emotion, psychophysiology, and substance abuse. Courses taught: Social Psychology, Learning and Motivation, Experimental Psychology, and Psychopharmacology. Contact: mdavis@uwa.edu


    Davis Russell

    Dr. Russell Davis

    Assistant Professor of Sociology (Ph.D. Louisiana State University). Research area: Rural Sociology. Courses taught: Principles of Sociology, Sociology of Aging, Minority Relations, Methods of Social Research, and Modern Sociological Theory. Contact: rdavis@uwa.edu

    Farris, Nicole

    Dr. Nicole Farris

    Assistant Professor of Sociology (Ph.D. Texas A&M University).  Research Area:  Gender, Marriage, Family, Demograph.  Courses taught: Introduction to Sociology, Foundations of Sociological Inquiry, Minority Relations, Sociology of Gender, Marriage and Family.  Contact:  nfarris@uwa.edu  

     Gilbert James

    Dr. James Gilbert

    Associate Professor of Counseling/Psychology (Ph.D. Capella University). Classes Taught: Health Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, The Therapeutic Relationship, Advanced Abnormal Psychology, and Systems of Psychotherapy. Contact:  jgilbert@uwa.edu  


    Myers Fred

    Dr. Frederick Myers

    Professor of Sociology (Ph.D. Florida State University). Courses taught: Principles of Sociology, Social Problems, Statistics, Population, The Criminal Justice System, Sports in Society, and Intro to Criminology. Contact: fmyers@uwa.edu  


    Picture Not Available Male

    Dr. Kelly Pivik-Kelley

    Lecturer of Psychology (Ph.D. The University of Alabama). Research area: Social Psychology. Courses taught: General Psychology. Contact: kpivik@uwa.edu  

    Picture Not Available Male Ed Snodgrass

    Associate Professor of Psychology.

    Ware Robert

    Dr. Robert Ware

    Professor of Psychology (Ph.D. University of Southern Mississippi). Courses taught: Theories of Personality and Systems of Psychotherapy. Contact: bware@uwa.edu