• The Empowered Practitioner

     Empowered Practitioner

    The University of West Alabama
    Julia S. Tutwiler College of Education
    Conceptual Framework

    To be recognized as a catalyst for empowering learners to be global citizens who positively change the world.


    The University of West Alabama’s College of Education is committed to…

    • modeling sound research-based teaching methods.
    • engaging community partners in collaboration to inspire positive change.
    • developing literacy in content, technology, and communication.
    • nurturing and developing responsible, innovative, reflective, and caring educational professionals.
    • providing diverse experiences for learners.

    Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)


    LO #1: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
    The Empowered Practitioner models sound research-based teaching methods and assessments to facilitate learning.

    LO #2: Content Knowledge, Research, and Theory
    The Empowered Practitioner applies content knowledge, research, and theoretical concepts to enhance learning.

    LO #3: Diverse Learners
    The Empowered Practitioner utilizes differentiated experiences to engage diverse learners.

    LO #4: Technology and Communication
    The Empowered Practitioner enhances teaching and learning through effective technology integration.

    LO #5: Literacy
    The Empowered Practitioner uses effective communication skills and demonstrates literacy across the curriculum.

    LO #6: Professionalism
    The Empowered Practitioner demonstrates appropriate professional practices.