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    The University of West Alabama is proud to serve as a cultural center for the Black Belt Region. At the core of this commitment is the Fine Arts Department, which houses the Theatre, Art, and Music programs at the university. The Fine Arts Department seeks to honor the rich artistic traditions of the area while encouraging its students to develop their own unique approaches to the arts. To this end, the Fine Arts Department has created an Interdisciplinary Arts Degree which provides students an opportunity to shape their education and combine courses from Theatre, Music, Art, and Creative Writing. This exciting opportunity is the only program of its kind in the state of Alabama. In addition, the department provides a wealth of “hands on” learning opportunities to supplement classroom instruction, including student art shows, UWA Theatre productions, and participation in the university choirs. All of these efforts are driven by a dedicated and diverse faculty that is committed to the education of students and the fostering of creative endeavors.