• UWA Pool & Patio

    1. Participants may not enter the pool deck without a certified lifeguard on duty.

    2. Participants with open wounds and or infectious diseases are prohibited from using the pool.

    3. The pool may be cleared of participants during severe weather.

    4. Appropriate swimming attire (swimsuit) must be worn. Gym shorts, cut-off shorts, sports bras, thongs etc. are prohibited. A clean t-shirt may be worn to cover the upper body if desired.

    5. Participants under the age of 16 must be directly supervised by guardian. Guardian must be on the pool deck or in the water.

    6. Gum, food, and glass containers are prohibited in or around the pool.

    7. Diving, running on the decks, and horseplay in or around the pool is prohibited.

    8. At the discretion of the lifeguard, diving rings, noodles and balls may be used in the pool.


    Fitness Center

    1. Participants must be 16 years of age or older to utilize the Fitness Center.

    2. Pants or shorts with embellishments are prohibited on pads of the fitness equipment. Shirts that cover midriff and closed toed, full back athletic shoes are required to be worn. Clothing that sends profane, inflammatory or bigoted messages is also prohibited.

    3. Please follow all safety precautions posted on fitness equipment.

    4. Fitness Center equipment must remain in the Fitness Center. Participants are prohibited from removing equipment and using it in other areas of the UWA Fitness Center.

    5. Participants are required to wipe off equipment after each use.

    6. Limit use of cardiovascular equipment to 30 minutes if others are waiting.

    7. Participants are required to re-rack all weights and return equipment to its appropriate location after use.

    8. Collars are recommended on all free bar lifts.

    9. Slamming or dropping of weights is prohibited.

    10.   Improper use of equipment is prohibited. Improper use consists of but is not limited to standing on equipment, standing on weights, stacking weights under equipment and top loading equipment.

    11.   Weights are not to be leaned against walls, columns, other equipment or mirrors.

    12.   The use of chalk is prohibited.

    1. Loud noise, disruptive behavior and patrons not abiding by rules and regulations will be asked to leave.
    2. Allow others to work in when performing multiple sets.

    15.   Participants not familiar with the operation of the fitness equipment can ask for assistance from trained UWA Fitness Staff.

    16.   Immediately report any weight room related injury or facility/equipment irregularity to Staff.


    Group Exercise Room

    1. Water is permitted in non-glass, closed containers only.

    2. Equipment that is stored in the fitness storage areas between group exercise classes is for use only during scheduled group fitness classes or programs. Participants are prohibited from removing equipment from the group exercise room and using it in other areas of the fitness center.

    3. Conducting unapproved group fitness classes without the consent of UWA Fitness is prohibited.

    4. The use of tape or other marking materials is prohibited.

    5. The sound system and equipment is available for use only during scheduled group exercise.

    6. Proper workout attire is required for participation in classes in the Fitness Studios. Workout attire consists of: workout pants/shorts, full T-shirt or tank top, and closed-toe athletic shoes. The following attire is prohibited: jeans, cargo pants/shorts, scrubs and any open-toe footwear. Bare feet are appropriate only for classes that specify this need, including Yoga.