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    The Director of International Programs, Mark Davis, is authorized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to verify information about and certify documents for F-1 students.  They will help you with immigration issues, although you are solely responsible for complying with immigration laws.

    You will want to contact Dr. Davis or one of her staff in the following situations:

    • Within 10 days of a name change or address change.
    • Before dropping any class that will result in less than full time enrollment.
    • Before you enroll in an online course.
    • Upon changing your major so you can be issued an updated I-20 form.
    • If you need a replacement copy of your I-20 or to extend its expiration date.
    • If you decide to transfer to another institution so you can receive information about school transfer procedures from her.
    • To pick up immigration-related forms.
    • To have your Form I-20 endorsed for travel needs and verified for accuracy before traveling outside the United States for five months or less.
    • For an on-campus work authorization letter for application for a social security card, after you have received an offer of on-campus employment.
    • For a valid certified (contains a school seal) document of verification that you are a full time student currently enrolled at UWA.
    • Your final semester before graduation for information about applying for an EAD Card for Optional Practical Training.
    • To obtain prior approval for Curricular Practical Training.