• International Student Medical Insurance

    Alternate Health Insurance Approval Request/Waiver

    University of West Alabama requires all on-campus students who are non-US citizens to maintain continuous health insurance coverage during their enrollment at the University of West Alabama and are enrolled in a University approved insurance plan upon admission. Students may waive out of the required insurance if the students’ alternate health insurance policy meets or exceeds all of the requirements listed in the University’s International Student Insurance Plan brochure under the Schedule of Benefits and Limits as generally outline below and is verified by the insurance provider:


    1. Coverage for medical expenses incurred outside your home country must have an unlimited policy year maximum.
    2. 100% coverage. 
    3. Co-pay no greater than $15 USD for doctor office visits. 
    4. The plan must be provided by a company licensed to do business in the United States with (a) a U.S. claim payment office, (b) a U.S. telephone number, and (c) plan literature available in English. 
    5. Co-pay not to exceed $50.00 USD for hospital services. 
    6. Expenses incurred as a result of pregnancy are treated to the same extent as any other sickness.
    7. Insurance will provide unlimited coverage for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.
    8. Insurance will provide accidental death benefit to $10,000.00 USD.
    9. Insurance company must have an A.M. Best rating of A+ (Superior) – a lower rating will not be accepted. 
    10. Coverage must be purchased for the entire year enrolled and must be “non-cancelable” - not subject to cancellation. 
    11. Plan must provide no limitations on pre-existing conditions. 

    How does an international student waive out?

    To WAIVE OUT of the University approved health insurance plan, international students must return the completed Notification Waiver to International Programs AND the Alternate Health Insurance Waiver Request supporting documentation from the student’s insurance provider MUST BE RECEIVED by International Programs no later than one business week after the start of an academic term. International Programs will evaluate the request and either approve or deny the request within ten days of submittal.

    What must be submitted to waive out?

    1. The student submitting the request must provide notification to International Programs by filling out the STUDENT NOTIFICATION OF INTENT TO WAIVE OUT – FORM 1 AND include the front and back of his/her insurance card before the above deadline.
    2. The student will submit ALTERNATE HEALTH INSURANCE WAIVER REQUEST – FORM 2 directly to the student’s insurance provider. The insurance provider will provide to UWA’s International Programs a letter written in English on company letterhead that (1) identifies the student requesting the waiver as a covered individual, (2) provides the start and end dates of continuing coverage that is paid in full and is non-cancellable, and (3) clearly indicates that the coverage meets or exceeds the minimum requirements, including coverage amounts in US dollars.
    3. The provider must also provide a copy of the student’s policy with a summary of benefits.  


    How does the international student pay?
    International Student Insurance will be billed to the student along with his/her regular tuition and fees which must be paid on registration day. The insurance fee will be payable only during Fall and Spring semesters.