• Lost and Found


    Date Recovered Property Description Recovery Location
      Fur pom key chain with a single key  
      Dodge vehicle key  
      Small plastic Michelob Ultra can opener key chain with a post office key  
      Nissan vehicle key with several other keys  
      Oversize keys - one with "For Toyota" & the other with "Larry's on them  
      Pensacola Beach key ring with purple/green lanyard w/one single key  
    1/21/2017 University of West Alabama Lanyard with on University key Pruitt Gym
    3/15/2017 MS State ball cap University Cinema
    3/15/2017 I-phone charger University Cinema
    3/15/2017 Bracelet w/gold cross (if claiming, give more description) University Cinema
    3/15/2017 Costume jewelry x 2 (if claiming, give more description) University Cinema
    4/6/2017 Pink dog leash Nature Trail
    4/6/2017 Bank of America Card Gilbert Hall Parking Lot
    4/7/2017 Black eyeglasses University Cinema
    4/25/2017 Auburn University class ring Patterson Parking lot
    4/21/2017 MasterCard - Randall L. Ward Cafeteria
    4/28/2017 Debit Card - Labyron Wells Crosswalk in front of Library
    5/4/2017      Instant Power Jump Box Gilbert Parking Lot
    5/16/2017 Small Black Diabetic Bag w/supplies Cafeteria
    6/8/2017      Shimano GXR 1000 Bicycle - dark gray Student Union Drive
    7/14/2017 Blue and white I-Phone charger Wallace Hall
    7/28/2017 BMW Key with key ring from Advantage Realty & Janice Blakeney name & number Barnes and Nobles (SUB)
    8/4/2017 Brown ball cap -Camp Rainey Mountain (staff 2017) - name under bib -Adam Gambrell University Cinema
    8/82017 Pink/white wallet Student Union Building
    5/31/2016 Fitbit Loop
    2/25/2016 Wedding Ring (describe if claiming) Lyon Hall Auditorium
    3/18/2016 NEXT green bicycle Behind Cafeteria
    3/24/2016 Keys with nail clippers and Autozone Zone Rewards Card Library
    6/1/2016      Regions Visa Debit Card - Cassandra R. Williams Webb Hall
    6/10/2016 Regions Visa Debit Card and wallet - Roymel Porter  
    6/12/2016     Black/White Avalon Bicycle Near Hoover Apt. in the grass
    7/25/2016 Social Security Card - Jordan Tyshun Johnson North Loop
    9/27/2016 Wallet w/$100 printed on it SUB Lobby
      Orange JanSport Backpack  
         JanSport Backpack Gray w/red trim  
    11/18/2015 Silver ring (give more description if claiming) Cafeteria
    11/19/2015 T-Mobile Samsung Cell phone (if claiming bring charger) Wallace Hall
      Discover Card - Eric Jones  
      Valero and Chevron/Texaco Card - Armanee Broussard  
      ADP Aline Visa Debit Card - Diamond Carpenter  

    NetSpend Visa Debit Card - Jared Roberts

      Apple I-phone (bring charger and describe if claiming)  
    11/8/2016 ZTE cell phone if claiming, please bring charger Lyon Hall
      AT&T Samsung Galaxy cell phone  
      Trustmark Debit Card - Cynthia Carter