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    Immunization and Medical Records Verification for New Students

    For the safety of our campus community, all students are required to have certain up-to-date immunizations before arriving on campus. As such, all new students must verify their immunization and medical histories through the Med+Proctor system.  You must have a valid UWA email address before registering on Med+Proctor.

    1. After submitting your application, go to http://myaccount.uwa.edu, click on Create/Reset your Password, and follow the prompts to create your official UWA email account. At the end of this process, you will choose a password for your account and you will be given your UWA email address. Once you have created your account, you can log into your UWA email account at http://exchange.uwa.edu. Your UWA email account will be ready within 48 hours of submitting your application.
    2. Register your new lifetime account in Med+Proctor by visiting http://www.medproctor.com using the UWA email address (@uwa.edu) from step 1.
    3. Complete your Med+Proctor UWA profile.
    4. Download & print your UWA Med+Proctor Immunization Certificate.
    5. Have your medical provider complete your immunization certificate.
    6. Upload an image of your certificate into your Med+Proctor account.
    Failure to comply with Med+Proctor records verification , including verification of all required immunizations and TB screening/testing, will result in an inability to register for classes and participate in other pre-fall activities such as athletics, band, cheerleader tryouts or practice, or residence hall check-in.

    Medical history information and immunization/TB records MUST be submitted through the Med+Proctor system at least one month prior to your intended enrollment date:
    • Spring Term: Due by December 1
    • Summer Term: Due by May 1
    • Fall Term: Due by August 1 (or by summer orientation date)
    We recommend having everything verified prior to your attendance at UWA Orientation, as you will not be allowed to register for classes without being cleared though Med+Proctor.

    Click here to download your instructions for completing your medical history and uploading your immunization records.