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    Student Affairs Leadership Minor

    The Student Affairs Leadership (SAL) undergraduate minor is designed to provide students majoring in any academic discipline, including business, liberal arts, or education, with the knowledge base, skillset, and professional attitudes associated with a career in student affairs/higher education.

    This minor will prepare students for entry-level professional positions in student affairs (e.g., residence life, student activities, recreational sports, Greek life, admissions, etc.) at various institutional types of higher education (e.g., community colleges, four-year universities).

    Requirements: 21 hours

    • ED 405. Technology and Education (3)
    • SAL 300. Introduction to Student Affairs (3)
    • SAL 302. Seminar in College Leadership and Practice (3)
    • SAL 401. Management and Supervision of Student Affairs (3)
    • SAL 482. Assessment and Evaluation in Student Affairs (3)
    • SAL 487. Current Issues and Trends in Student Affairs (3)
    • SAL 489. Internship in Student Affairs (3)