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    Earn a degree online!


    Discounted Tuition Equals:

    Graduate - $329/hr   ~   Undergraduate - $275/hr

    The Military Connect Scholarship is available to active military members, veterans, spouses, and dependents.




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  • Military Connect Application Instructions

    In order to participate in the Military Connect program you must:

    1. Apply to UWA and be accepted into UWA*
    2. Review the Connect Calendar to make sure you understand all scholarship deadlines.  Connect programs have special registration deadlines that are earlier than regular deadlines.  You must register by the early Connect deadline in order to allow UWA sufficient time to process your scholarship.
    3. Once you receive notification from UWA that you have been accepted into the University, register for classes.  You must register for class before requesting a scholarship because the scholarship amount is based on the number of hours you take.  Your acceptance letter will include instructions on obtaining a username and password that you will use to register for class. 
    4. Verify that your registration processed correctly by checking your courses on WebAdvisor.  Then, request a Connect Scholarship by completing the Scholarship form. You will be asked to submit a copy of your Military ID and driver's license during the application process.
    5. Repeat step #4 every term.

    Once your employers confirms your eligibility, UWA will be able to process your scholarship.  Before determining the final scholarship amount, UWA will review your course registration to make sure it complies with all MC requirements.  UWA will send you an email confirmation once your scholarship award is complete.