• Teacher Certificate Renewal  

    Many states accept college level education credits for teacher certificate renewal.  That is easy to do at UWA!  Use UWA's website to apply online as an "undecided graduate student".  Then, select the courses you would like to take.  You can take up to four (4) courses.  Some popular courses for certificate renewal are:

            ED 502 - Critical Issues in Education (3) 
    Sociological, cultural, economic, legal, and ethical issues in education are among the topics that are explored. This course is presented in a seminar setting that incorporates a global perspective with emphasis on diverse classroom settings.

    ED 503 - Effective P-12 Classroom Management (3) 
    This course is designed to assist P12 teachers in developing skills to effectively manage student behavior. Course material is designed to prepare P12 teachers to be efficient managers of their classrooms so that student learning is maximized.

    EE 520 - Current Trends in Elementary Education (3) 
    Critical review of prominent issues and practices affecting program organization, management and instruction in grades K-6.

    Click HERE to see a full list of available Education (ED), Special Education (SE), Elementary Education (EE) or Library Media (LM) classes.  Note: some states require that courses be in the same teaching area as your current certification.  Check requirements with your state department of education.

    Click HERE to apply now for certificate renewal courses (apply as a "first time student").

    If you need assistance selecting classes or applying, please contact Dr. Jan Miller at jmiller@uwa.edu or 1-877-892-1835.