• Political Science Minor
  • Political Science:  American Politics Minor

    We offer a minor in Political Science. This minor opens up the world to you. With a minor in Political Science you have enough course work to run for office, work for Congress, or work in minor government offices. A minor in political science gives you the required course work for graduate studies in Political Science, Public Administration, and many of the other Social Sciences. Many Political Science students find Political Science the best preparation for Law School. In Political Science the most important role we play is to prepare students to become citizens of our country and understand what their government means to them.

    Requirements: 21 hours 

    • PS 110 . American Government (3) 
    • PS 321 . Constitutional Law (3) 
    • PS 351 . Political Philosophy (3) 
    • Approved electives in Political Science from the 300 series. (12)