•  Room Condition Report Forms

    At the beginning of every school year (and whenever you change rooms), you will need to complete a Room Condition Report Form (RCRF), which can be found online at the appropriate link below. This RCRF allows you to note any damages, missing items, or areas of concerns in regards to the condition of your room and its furnishings as you check into the room. You should inspect your room thoroughly and submit the form with detailed comments and information within 48 hours of checking into your room. At the end of the school year (or whenever you move out of your room), your room will be inspected by a housing staff member. The housing staff member will use the Room Condition Report Form as a guide to determine whether you have caused any damages to your room and whether you have left the room in as good of condition as it was in when you moved into the room. However, a final comprehensive inspection for damages and cleaning will occur once all occupants of the room have checked out and residents may be charged for damages and unclean conditions found at that time.  

    If the RCRF is not completed within 48 hours of checking in, UWA Housing will assume that everything in your room is in excellent condition and you will be responsible for any and all damages in the room. Your RLC/HD and the Assistant Director of Housing will determine any charges that you will incur due to any damages that occurred to the room during your occupancy.  


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