• Frequently Asked Questions

    Remote Proctor Now (RPNow)

    RPNow utilizes your built-in webcam (or any USB webcam connected to your computer) as part of the software to take the exam.


    What are the setup instructions for RPNow? The installation instructions for RPNow software can be found here.

    Can RPNow work over dialup? Dialup is not supported for RPNow as well as other audio visual activities. High speed (DSL, Cable or LAN) is required. Dialup, cellular high speed and satellite Internet service is not supported for use with RPNow. However, cellular high speed and satellite internet service may work with strong signal strength.

    What are the specifications for a computer to work with RPNow? Technical Requirements for RPNow can be found here.

    Is RPNow transmitting all of the time? No. RPNow is only on for enrollment authentication and during the actual exam. 

    Do you have a privacy statement? Visit this link for privacy information on RPNow. 

    Will RPNow work with MAC? Yes.  Please see Technical Requirements

    I'm primarily an on campus student but take the occasional online course. What are my options? RPNow stations are available for use in the Tutwiler Library. Reservations must be made in advance by calling the Library at 205.652.3611.