• Installation Instructions for Students

    The University of West Alabama has transitioned from the Remote Proctor Pro (RPPro) system to the Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) system. 

    Remote Proctor Now (RPNow)

    RPNow utilizes your built-in webcam (or any USB webcam connected to your computer) as part of the software to take the exam. If you are using your computer's built-in webcam, please proceed to the section below entitled Remote Proctor Now (RPNow).


    Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) installation instructions:

    Please visit the following links to view a video for installing and using RPNow:

    http://www.screencast.com/t/dJM4WfTRl (Windows)

    http://www.screencast.com/t/6YDduLbUOox (Mac)

    RPNow may be installed at http://uwa.remoteproctor.com