• Frequently Asked Questions

     How much does it cost?
    No worries! Science Saturdays activities are free of charge for students from Sumter County and the surrounding area. If you are visiting this area and would like you to attend, we would love to have you, as well.

    Do I need to bring anything?
    No. Simply bring your positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning and having fun with Science!

    Do I need to register?
    YES. We encourage everyone to register before each Science Saturdays event in order to guarantee a spot and for us to ensure we have adequate supplies.

    Is there parking?
    Just in front of Bibb Graves Hall (where activities are held), there is plenty of free parking. A map of the UWA is available on the website should you need directions.

    As a parent, do I have to be present during the activities?
    No, you do not have to be present during the activities. However, if you are interested, please stay and enjoy.

    What would I do during Science Saturday?
    Registration and roll call for registered students starts at 9:00 am. Parents may leave their children under the supervision of NSM faculty and UWA student assistants. We will have fun, safe, and educational activities for two hours in one of the NSM laboratories or field stations. Upon completion of the day’s activities, we will celebrate by awarding students’ certificates of completion. During the ceremony, we will provide snacks and drinks. By 11:30 am, parents are required to pick their happy kids.