• Certification 06
  • Undergraduate Programs Listing

    Students seeking professional certification may choose one of the programs listed below for a Bachelor of Science in Education degree.


    • Elementary Education Degree Programs K-6 (includes certification in Early Childhood P-3)
    • Collaborative Special Education K-6/6-12
    • Physical Education P-12
    • Secondary Education Degree programs (Grades 6-12) 
          General Science 
          English Language Arts 
          General Social Science 
    • Middle School Certification
      Students currently enrolled in a secondary education teaching field (6-12) may be eligible to add an endorse­ment in Class B Middle School certification by taking the following courses: 
          ED 381, Middle School Curriculum and Methods, 3 semester hours 
          EE 301, Methods of Teaching Reading, 3 semester hours 
          EE 402, Problems of Teaching Reading, 3 semester hours 
          Part of the ED 409, Internship must include experience in Grades 4-8.
      NOTE: The teaching areas of English Language Arts, Science, and Social Sci­ence must include specific courses. Students must work closely with the Certification Officer to determine the courses required.