• Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Abstract Guidelines and Submission

    An abstract is a short statement about your research. It is designed to give the reader a concise and complete understanding of your research problem, methodology and findings. Readers should be able to quickly and accurately identify the basic content of your research.

    • You must submit your abstracts below, within the dates posted.
    • The title will appear in the program exactly as you type it, so check your spelling and grammar.
    • Enter first name, middle initial and last name of all authors. Enter the name of the faculty sponsor in parentheses.
    • Abstracts must not exceed 250 words in length. If you are using a special character symbols or images, you will need to upload your abstract as attached PDF file.
    • We strongly recommend that students print the abstract submission form and have your mentor review it ahead of the actual submission process.

    What Should be in an Abstract?

    A model abstract should contain the following elements:

    1. A very brief statement of the significance of the problem you study.
    2. A statement of the focus of your study (what aspect of the problem you are working on).
    3. The research methods being employed to test your hypothesis and draw conclusions.
    4. The results that were observed.
    5. Your conclusions and any future direction that the study may take.


    Abstract Submission