• UWA BOSS Project Support Activities


    1. Comprehensive academic support services to promote retention and graduation: A key aspect of this project is its focus on improving students' education and experience. The UWA BOSS Scholars will have a rigorous curriculum and a holistic set of support services such as advising and mentoring are necessary for success. 
    2. Career exploration and professional development opportunities: the UWA BOSS faculty PIs will implement a wide range of opportunities for scholars to better prepare them as educated and highly skilled workers in critically needed technical areas, therefore ensuring their future competitiveness as part of the workforce or as graduate students. 
    3. Student engagement in professional societies and the community: Student involvement in campus organizations, particularly honor and professional societies, such as BBB and Phi Kappa Phi.
    4. Research opportunities: Sophomore students in their spring semester will have the opportunity to join a faculty research group to perform a supervised research project.
    5. Internship opportunities: The project PIs will help student scholar to obtain at least 1 paid summer internship in the field of biological sciences. 
    6. Career development and graduate school preparation: the UWA BOSS Project will prepare scholars to be competitive in the workforce or for admission to graduate schools though specific course loads and mentoring programs.