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    The freshman year is a unique time in the life of every college student.  For many of you, this will be the first time that you have lived away from home.  For some of you, this will be the first time that you have had to share a bedroom.  The freshman year is an exciting time but it also presents many challenges.  For this reason, the University of West Alabama houses all new freshmen together in Gilbert Hall.  Gilbert Hall is the newest residence hall on the UWA campus.  A full-time professional staff member lives in Gilbert Hall, providing support and guidance for freshmen as they adjust to college life.

    After your first year of college, you will be given the opportunity to choose where you want to to live from a variety of residence hall options.  Priority in assignment is based on each student's cumulative grade point average and credit hours earned.  This means that the better you do in school, the higher the priority you will have when choosing your residence hall after your freshman year.

    Each resident is provided a single bed, a desk, a desk chair, several drawers in a dresser cabinet and a closet or wardrobe closet.  Other amenities vary, depending on the residence hall.  For information about a specific residence hall, please click the appropriate link below:  




    Gilbert Freshmen Residence Hall 


    Hoover Apartments 


    Patterson Hall  

     Reed Hall 


    Stickney Hall   


     Selden Hall